Shampoo and body bars: a sustainable alternative

Solid bars weigh less and take up less space than plastic bottles. Not only do they have a lower carbon footprint during production, but they’re convenient to pack into your sports bag or for when you’re on holiday – no awkward edges!
Why shampoo and body bars are a solid alternative to liquid products

In a world where we’re all trying our best to reduce our reliance on plastic, have you thought about making the switch to solid bars for hair, body and face? They’re concentrated, completely free from plastic in formula and packaging, and they offer great performance, comparable to liquid products.

Our N.A.E. range of products includes shampoo bars, body bars and a face bar, with ingredients that are 100% natural origin, with a minimum of 36% organic ingredients. They’re free from silicones, parabens and artificial colorants; they use a water-reduced formula; and they consume only 1/20th of the energy needed for packaging production compared to a plastic bottle.

Pamper, smoothe and care for your hair

The N.A.E. shampoo bars are available for dry, greasy and normal hair – all with a vegan formula and 100% plastic free. The rich foam pampers, smooths and cares for your hair, effectively cleansing it without weighing it down, and leaving a natural shine. After wetting your hair, slide the bar directly onto it, or make a rich lather between your hands and gently work it into the hair from root to tip.

To repair dry hair, use the Riparazione Shampoo Bar, immersing yourself in the soft fragrance of iconic Italian olive oil and basil. Rich in monosaturated acids and vitamin E, olive oil is loaded with polyphenols, helping to repair stressed, damaged hair.

If your hair’s greasy, try the Equilibrio Shampoo Bar. Its fresh, herbal fragrance is like taking a stroll along the Italian coast and feeling the cool breeze in your hair. Menthol freshens the scalp and prevents dandruff, while mint helps to keep hair fresh all day long.

For normal hair, use the Semplicità Shampoo Bar – it’s like taking a deep breath in a meadow. Lavender, with its soft fragrance, is used as a natural hair conditioner, leaving your hair shiny and soft; the formula also contains organic rice extract, making hair smoother, stronger and shinier.

Natural hydration and protection for the skin

Our Freschezza Refreshing Body Bar and Idrazione Moisturizing Body Bar are pure vegetable soap, made from organic oils and enriched with a natural moisturiser derived from jojoba oil. Respecting and balancing the skin’s natural hydration and protecting the skin barrier, they work into a rich and creamy foam, to smoothe, pamper and moisturise.

Last but definitely not least, the new Purezza Gentle Face Bar is suitable for all types of skin, cleansing gently without drying out the skin or making it tight. The calming properties of Rosa Damascena Floral Water soothe the skin and calm any sensitivity. 

Solid bars: kind, gentle and economical

N.A.E. solid bars are sustainable, effective and gentle on the skin – and they’re also kind on your purse! On average, one shampoo bar will last as long as two bottles of liquid shampoo, one body bar is equal to three bottles of shower gel, and one face bar is equivalent to two bottles of cleansing face wash or gel.

So enjoy the soft, natural experience N.A.E. solid bars offer, while knowing they’re kind to your skin, kind to your purse, and, probably most importantly, kind to the environment.

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