Hydration & Glow is an hommage to Italian herbalism and beauty recipes, combining notes of prickly pear and a vivid flower bouquet. Its natural origin fragrance is an hommage to la Bella Vita. Formulated with organic prickly pear extract and immortal flower extract, Hydration & Glow range provides hydration to your skin, for a devy glow and a plumped complexion.


Graziosità lifting range entails beauty recipes inspired by Italian herbalism, crafted to gently stimulate the natural ability of the skin to renew itself and to maintain its elasticity and smoothness. The lifting range products fill and smoothen wrinkles, for a plumped and younger-looking skin.


Nature is an excellent ally to reveal the youth of your skin. By integrating our organic anti-age cares in your daily beauty routine, you can gently stimulate the natural ability of the skin to renew itself and to maintain its elasticity and smoothness.


Our organic recipes inspired by italian herbalism now available for the beauty of mature skin. This face care range will intensively nourish and firm your skin while making your complexion look more radiant. and leaving skin feeling supple, soft and smooth. 


Moisturization is an essential part of a daily beauty routine to get a healthy and beautiful skin. Organic moisturizing cares will be your ally to gently protect and nourish your skin, while revealing its natural beauty.


Gently cleanse your skin with our organic cleansers enriched with all the delicacy of organic rosa damascena water. Feel the fresh, elegant and velvety aroma of this rose blossom constellation.



Freschezza refreshing herbal body care line is a brisk morning walk in one of Italy´s luxuriant gardens. While collecting a bouquet of freshly cut herbs, you feel these crystalline and invigorating notes. Subtle blend of Organic Thyme leaves and Rosemary extracts.


Idratazione moisturizing body care line is a relaxing break beneath the fig tree, standing in the Italian sun. Immerse yourself in this burst of flavors, as sweet as sensual. Crafted with Organic Fig and Hibiscus extracts.


Vitalità revitalizing body care line is an invitation to wander in the midst of a sunny citrus garden. Let yourself be carried away by this energizing, hesperidean and fruity fragrance. Crafted with Organic Lemon and Mandarin extracts.


Delicatezza is a cocoon of softness for sensitive skin. This fragrance-free range respects the specific needs of your skin while gently taking care of it. Minimum of 97% natural origins.



Nutriente is N.A.E. nourishing hair care range, especially formulated for dry hair. Let yourself be carried away in the heart of the Italian summer with this soft and deliciously scented range. Crafted with a blend of bio apricot and bio almond oils. Minimum of 98% natural origin.


Riparazione is N.A.E. repairing hair care range, especially formulated for damaged hair. It is a tribute to the iconic Italian olive and basil, known for their tender care and eternal character. Immerse yourself in this surge of pleasing and soft fragrance.Minimum of 97% natural origin.


Equilibrio is N.A.E. purifying hair care range, especially formulated for greasy hair. It is a stroll along the Italian coast, feeling the fresh breeze in your hair. Sink into a cloud of this herbal and invigorating fragrance. Minimum of 97% natural origin.


Semplicita shampoo effectively cleanses, conditions and detangles the hair while maintaining a strong hair feeling. It leaves the hair looking healthy, silky-soft and naturally shiny. Minimun of 97% natural origin.