The Italian way.


Our hair care lines rely on the beauty secrets of nature and Italian herbalism tradition to reveal the natural beauty of your hair. Each formula is crafted with unique blends of organic ingredients and contain a minimum of 97% natural origin.


Nutriente is N.A.E. nourishing hair care range, especially formulated for dry hair. Let yourself be carried away in the heart of the Italian summer with this soft and deliciously scented range. Crafted with a blend of bio apricot and bio almond oils. Minimum of 98% natural origin.


Riparazione repairing hair care range is a tribute to the iconic Italian olive and basil, known for their tender care and eternal character. Immerse yourself in this surge of pleasing and soft fragrance. Subtle blend of organic olive and basil extracts. Especially formulated for damaged hair.


Equilibrio purifying hair care range is a stroll along the Italian coast, feeling the fresh breeze in your hair. Sink into a cloud of this herbal and invigorating fragrance. Crafted with organic mint and sage extract. Especially formulated for greasy hair.


Semplicità is a deep breath on the meadow of lavender. Start your day with a peaceful feeling, being carried away by this soft and velvety fragrance. Subtle blend of organic rice and lavender extract. Especially formulated for normal hair.


Colore is N.A.E. hair care range especially formulated for highlighted or colored hair.Gives a natural radiant gloss, reveals and maintains the hair color brilliance. For shiny, silky & healthy-looking hair.


The N.A.E. Reusable Bottle can be used universally and filled with your favorite N.A.E. Shampoo Pouch. Enjoy La Bella Vita sustainably and reduce plastic waste by refilling this bottle. 


Segreto di Bellezza is a multi-purpose oil that contains all the beauty power of organic olive oil, the main beauty secret of Italian women. Especially formulated for the beauty of your hair, body and skin.