Winter-proof your skin

Keep your complexion shielded from icy temperatures and central heating with a skin care routine for the chilly months of the year.

Blankets of snow and the frosty mornings of winter are beautiful to witness through the window of a cosy room. Before stepping out into the cold though, you would normally wrap up with layers of clothing – ideally in natural, breathable, skin-kind fabrics, plus winter accessories. Pairing up, for example, a cotton long-sleeved tee-shirt under a merino wool jumper is more effective to keep you warm than one thick pullover made of acrylic or polyester. Similarly, as your face is normally exposed to the elements – with chilly winds and biting frost – then “layering” your skincare is also important as a protective guard.

Skin care solutions

Sub-zero temperatures can have a harsh effect on the skin, resulting in redness, chapped lips and flaky zones. In addition, indoors, many of us switch on heaters from October to February, which tend to evaporate all the humidity from our rooms, adding further to our skin’s dehydration – and leaving us with fine lines and a general feeling of tightness.

Before this happens, however, we can dedicate our winter skin care routine to applying a breathable shield to our upper dermis. Smoothing one face cream onto the skin will certainly provide some relief or nourishment – but a natural-power-packed skin care duo offers fortified protection, so your face will actually be guarded from any wintertime aggressors.

Care for the cold light of day

During the day, after cleansing, smooth on a natural, planted-based cream, preferably with a high content of fatty acids, which will sink into the skin without feeling heavy but will feed it with essential nutrients and hydration. Olive oil has a healing and revitalising effect, so if your skin is already showing any signs of irritation or inflammation, an all-round cream containing organic olive oil, such as the N.A.E. Segreto di Bellezzo, Universal Cream, will offer relief and balance for a more even complexion. Apply to the face, neck and décolletage and massage carefully around the lips and eyes until all traces of cream are absorbed.

Next, apply the day cream which suits your skin type best. If yours is delicate, then a day cream with a soothing formula comprising mallow flower will help keep it calm, hydrated and protected. For extra daytime protection, a cream containing antioxidant vitamins A and C will also help infuse your skin with much-needed moisture, support natural elasticity and combat winter dryness. 

Midnight feast for the skin

Besides getting between seven and nine hours of sleep every night – one of the keys to natural beauty – feeding our skin with the right nutrients before we lay our head on the pillow also goes a long way to a youthful appearance when we wake up the next morning. Our skin cells rejuvenate themselves naturally overnight. Additional support for this process, in the form of a night cream containing nourishing ingredients, will provide a welcome feast for the complexion and will help shield it from the dehydrating effects of our indoor heating system. 

The absorbed night-time care will also help keep our face and neck hydrated at a deeper level, meaning the day cream we apply the next morning can concentrate on the upper dermis, for protection against the cold and environmental aggressors.

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