Make way for a fresh beginning

Shake out old items from your home and make sustainable choices for your fresh personal care products. Exfoliate your skin to reveal a fresh new you for 2020!

If you want a magnet to work effectively in attracting and attaching itself to metallic items, you have to make sure its surface is clean and not blocked by dust, debris or other negative influences.

Your home, your life and even your upper dermis work with a similar principle – and the new decade and new year, 2020, is the perfect time to attract some new energy and invite a whole fresh look into your world!

Shake the old year from your home with a clear out of all those material things that no longer serve you. But wait – don’t just throw them in the nearest bin. Declutter each room with a thought for the environment.

Clear out with a conscience

Look through your wardrobe, coat rack, drawers and shelves and be truly honest with yourself. Which items of clothing, footwear and Accessori will you realistically never wear or use again? Hardly-worn pieces, still in top condition, may be welcomed by someone else – consider sisters, nieces and other family members or close friends. If loved ones aren’t the right recipients, then consider selling high-quality items to vintage stores and simply donate others to charity collections to sell for a good cause. Enjoy your newly won space and energy from your clear-out.

Refresh and Replenish Rooms

Relieve kitchen cupboards of anything past the point of enjoyable consumption and wipe inner shelves clean before your next food shop. Empty plastic or paper cartons and recycle in the appropriate bins. If you don’t have one already, then compost peel from fruits and vegetables, used teabags and other organic scraps.

Recycle old newspapers, magazines, brochures, plus dealt-with paperwork, to make space for new, relevant learning or entertainment materials.

In the bathroom, reach right at the back of shelves and see what you find … are there, for instance, remnants of creams, hair products which have lost their lustre or other items you’re not likely to apply anymore? Whatever can be used – use up, recycle the packaging and then – replace with new, conscious choices for the new year.

Pick products with formulas which are natural, certified as organic, vegan and with recycled or recyclable packaging – or all of the above. Brands like N.A.E. meet many of the high standards required before a product can be certified as organic, contain high percentages of natural ingredients, are packaged in planet-friendly materials and shun animal derivatives with vegan formulas.

Reveal your new year skin

Now you’ve dealt with your home environment, it’s time to relax and focus on yourself. About once or twice a week, rub a little of your cleansing body bar on a pre-moistened flannel or mitt and massage into skin gently in slow, circular movements before rinsing. Concentrate on elbows, knees and soles of your feet where skin is naturally a little tougher. You’ll notice how soft and reenergised your “new” skin is, once you have sloughed away built-up rough patches.

And don’t forget your face. Here, exfoliation should be gentler. Either apply a homemade face scrub or rub a gentle face-cleansing bar to a dampened muslin cloth and wipe it delicately around your face and neck. Rinse off to reveal a fresh base – to effectively absorb all your new N.A.E. energia face creams.

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