N.A.E. Naturale Antica Erboristeria is certified organic, but not only...


All our formulas are vegan, which means:

  • No animal ingredients such as milk or honey.
  • No ingredients based on animal raw materials such as crustacean shells (chitin), keratin, silk or beef tallow.

Furthermore: We do not test our NAE products on animals. Animal testing for cosmetic products and cosmetic ingredients is prohibited in the EU.


All our tubes are green plant-based plastic tubes. Renewable (in one year), fully recyclable, reduced in carbon goot print and sustainably sourced


The FSC Mix label means the wood

within the product is from FSC-certified material, recycled material, or controlled wood. While not fully FSC-certified, controlled wood cannot be:

  • illegally harvested;
  • harvested in violation of traditional and civil rights;
  • harvested in forests where high conservation values (HCVs) are threatened;
  • harvested in forests being converted to plantations or non-forest use;
  • harvested in forests where genetically modified trees are planted.

100% rPET Bottles

We are aware of global environmental concerns, and at N.A.E., we want to help improve this situation.

All our Micellar Water Bottles are therefore of organic origin: made from 100% renewable materials, fully recyclable and following a low carbon production process.


BeautyTributes to the luxurious nature of Italy, our refined organic certified face and body care products joyfully reveal the Italian expression of beauty.
OrganicAll our products are COSMOS Organic certified by Ecocert Greenlife according to COSMOS Standard with min. 95% of ingredients from natural origin and min. 20% of the total product organically farmed (10% for rinse-off products).
TraditionDrawing inspiration from herbalism know-how, our formulas are passionately crafted with unique blends of organic ingredients inspired by the lush nature of Italy.
VeganAll our formulas are VEGAN. There is no involvement of any animal product, by-product or derivative, no involvement of testing of the N.A.E. products on animals conducted as the initiative of the company or on its behalf as prescribed by law.


No matter, if it’s day or night, our #Preziosità Firming Creams will provide a pleasant comfort feeling with a soft satin finish. Are you rather a morning or an evening skincare person? ☀️ 🌑
Peu importe qu'il fasse jour ou nuit, nos Crèmes Soin Global Peaux Matures vous procureront une agréable sensation de confort avec un doux fini satiné. Vous êtes plutôt du matin ou du soir ? ☀️ 🌑 

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How to apply our Preziosità Firming Day Cream for optimum results: 💖
1. Warm up a small amount of the cream between the palms of your hands. 👐🏼
2. Apply to your face using upward pressure movements, starting from the center of your face towards the outside edge, with large circular movements. ✨
Comment appliquer notre Crème Soin Global Peaux Matures Jour pour un résultat optimal : 💖
1. Réchauffez une noisette de crème dans les paumes de vos mains. 
2. Appliquez votre crème du centre vers l’extérieur du visage. Massez avec des mouvements circulaires en effectuant des pressions vers le haut. ✨ 

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Enriched with organic Rosa Damascena water, our micellar water gently cleanses and removes makeup from the face and eyes. It purifies and soothes your skin, leaving it soft and comfortable. Get cozy now! 🌹
Enrichie en eau de Rose de Damas biologique, l’Eau Micellaire Apaisante N.A.E. nettoie et démaquille en douceur le visage et les yeux. Elle purifie et apaise votre peau, la laissant douce et confortable. Mode cocooning activé ! 🌹 

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It’s a match! ✨ Apply our Gentle Micellar Water with our reusable cleansing pads. They are the perfect combination to remove your makeup and impurities from your skin! 💛
It’s a match ! ✨ Appliquez notre Eau Micellaire Apaisante avec nos Disques Démaquillants Lavables & Réutilisables. Ils sont la combinaison parfaite pour enlever votre maquillage et les impuretés de votre peau ! 💛 

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Ready for a radiant look? Combining jasmine extract and olive oil, our organic certified care cream duo acts all day and all night long to make your skin feel supple, soft and smooth. 💛
Prêt pour un teint radieux ? Associant l'extrait de jasmin et l'huile d'olive, notre duo de crèmes de soin certifiées biologiques agit toute la journée et toute la nuit pour rendre votre peau souple, douce et lisse. 💛 

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Look into the mirror… Hello 2021 and hello #Veganuary! 🍃 The Veganuary challenges us to live vegan for one month: Eating vegan but also using vegan cosmetic products! Our products are the perfect addition to a successful vegan start into the new year! 💚
Regardez dans le miroir... Bonjour 2021 et bonjour Janvier healthy ! 🍃  En janvier, quelles seront vos bonnes résolutions ? Pourquoi pas manger vegan mais également utiliser des produits cosmétiques vegan ! Nos produits sont le complément parfait pour un début d'année healthy réussi ! 💚 

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Felice anno nuovo!! Happy New Year! Let your beauty sparkle in 2021 ✨✨ Any #naturalcare resolutions? 💚
Felice anno nuovo ! Bonne année ! Laissez votre beauté étinceler en 2021 ✨✨ Des résolutions #soinsnaturels ? 💚

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Checking out the #naturaltreasures, we were gifted with… Did you know that the olive oil in our Universal Cream brings softness, hydration and protection not only for your skin, but also for your hair? 🍃🍃 #NAEorganic #Christmastreat
Saviez-vous que l'huile d'olive contenue dans notre Crème Universelle apporte douceur, hydratation et protection non seulement à votre peau, mais aussi à vos cheveux ? 🍃🍃 #NAEorganic #Christmastreat

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Auguri di buon Natale!! Merry Christmas! Celebrating the Italian way means loooots of #panettone with the family 💚 #naturalbeauties, how’s Christmas for you? 🌲🌲
Auguri di buon Natale !! Joyeux Noël ! Célébrer à l'italienne, c'est partager beaucoup de #panettone en famille 💚 Les #beautéesnaturelles, comment se passe Noël pour vous ? 🌲🌲

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