The Italian way.



it's growing in our garden

N.A.E. Naturale Antica Erboristeria is an authentic organic beauty brand for face, body & hair, that draws its origins from Italian herbalism.

Celebrating long Italian herbalism tradition and beauty recipes, our pampering formulas are crafted with unique blends of refined organic ingredients, with a minimum of 97% Natural Origins. All our face, body and hair care products are Certified Organic and Vegan. 

Our subtle fragrances joyfully express our Italian origins.

ORGANIC. The Italian way.

All our products are COSMOS ORGANIC certified by Ecocert Greenlife according to COSMOS Standard:

  • min. 95% of ingredients from natural origin,
  • min. 20% of the total product organically farmed (10% for rinse-off products),
  • other ingredients should not exceed 5% of the total product (see details).

All our formulas are VEGAN, which means:

  • no involvement of any animal product, by-product or derivative,
  • no involvement of testing of the N.A.E. products on animals conducted as the initiative of the company or on its behalf as prescribed by law.


Take care of your skin around the clock

How often do you wash your face? Learn whether you should cleanse your face once or twice a day and the importance of having a daily skincare routine.


How to keep your skin looking youthful

Discover our tips to keeping your skin looking younger for longer. Naturally derived plant oils are among Italy’s oldest and best kept secrets.


All our products are crafted with unique blends of organic ingredients and are celebrating traditional Italian beauty recipes.






A look through the window onto Italy´s giant fields. 🌿 What does #labellavita mean for you? 💕
Un regard à travers la fenêtre sur les champs géants d'Italie. 🌿 Que signifie #labellavita pour vous ? 💕

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This is how we imagine the perfect #picnic setup: Organic fruits, a cozy blanket and a great view! 🧺 🌿  What are your picnic essentials? ✨
C'est ainsi que nous imaginons la parfaite installation d’un #pique-nique : Des fruits biologiques, une couverture douillette et une vue magnifique ! 🧺 🌿 Quels sont les éléments essentiels de votre pique-nique ? ✨

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These are our good-day-essentials to clean your skin and mind ✔
1. #Purezza gentle toning lotion
2. #Purezza gentle face cleansing bar 
3. A good book 
What are your good-day-essentials? 💕
Voici nos bons plans pour nettoyer votre peau et votre esprit ✔
1. Le lait démaquillant
2. Le savon nettoyant solide doux pour le visage
3. Un bon livre 
Quels sont vos essentiels du jour ? 💕

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Attention, ladies! We finally can introduce our brand-new #Preziosità firming day cream for mature skin with organic jasmine extract and organic olive oil. 💛
Attention, mesdames ! Nous pouvons enfin vous présenter notre toute nouvelle crème de jour raffermissante pour peaux matures à l'extrait de jasmin biologique et à l'huile d'olive biologique. 💛

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Our #Purezza gentle #facebar with Rosa Damascena water and #Aloevera extracts is simply #foamazing! 🌹 If you are looking for a face wash that is gentle to your skin and gentle to the environment – here you go! ✔
Notre savon doux solide à l'eau de Rose de Damas et aux extraits d’Aloe vera est tout simplement #moussant ! 🌹 Si vous recherchez un nettoyant pour le visage qui soit doux pour votre peau et pour l'environnement - voici ! ✔

#NAEorganic #organicingredients #skincareroutine #sustainableskincare #organicbeauty #foam
Explore the fields of Italy and fall in love with #bellaitalia! Who else misses the beautiful summer sun? ☀️
Explorez les champs d'Italie et tombez amoureux de #bellaitalia ! A qui d'autre manque le beau soleil d'été ? ☀️

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Nature is an excellent ally to reveal the youth of your skin. 🍃 Be excited, because this month we are going to launch our new #Preziosità firming range for mature skin. So, stay tuned! 🥰
La nature est une excellente alliée pour révéler la jeunesse de votre peau. 🍃 Soyez enthousiaste, car ce mois-ci nous allons lancer notre nouvelle gamme de produits raffermissants pour peaux matures . Alors, restez à l'écoute ! 🥰

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A basket full of love(ly products)! 🧺 🥰 Our #Purezza face cleansing range is a tribute to the Rosa Damascena, the queen of all flowers, with all its timeless elegance and femininity. 🌹 🌹 🌹 
Un panier plein d'amour ! 🧺 🥰 Notre gamme de nettoyants pour le visage est un hommage à la Rose de Damas, la reine de toutes les fleurs, avec toute son élégance et sa féminité intemporelles. 🌹 🌹 🌹

#NAEorganic #facecleansing #sustainableskincare #rose #rosa #damascena #vegan
Greetings from the Queen of Flowers! 🌹 Our Purezza micellar water is enriched with organic Rosa Damascena water, a splash of nature leaving your skin purified with an elegant rose fragrance. 💓
Salutations de la reine des fleurs ! 🌹 Notre eau micellaire apaisante est enrichie en eau de rose de Damas bio. Une goutte de nature laissant votre peau purifiée avec un élégant parfum de rose. 💓 #NAEbeautébio #NAEbellavita #NAEbeauténaturelle #beautebio #cosmetiquebio
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