Natural. Authentic. Ecological.

Packed with natural plant power, vegan, kind to skin and gentle on the environment, not to mention their wonderful fresh scents. There are tons of reasons why we should all make a switch to skin care that’s certified as organic.

We’re all becoming more aware of the impact we have on the environment – and our wellbeing – with our consumer choices. Our beauty care products are no exception. In fact, it’s even more important that we decide to purchase creams, cleansers, oils and so on which are natural, sustainable and organic, as these items land directly on our skin. Natural ingredients like fruits, flowers and herbs smell irresistible, and knowing they are kind to your skin and to the planet makes them even more appealing. It’s time to get real for the sake of our beauty and ecosystem!


Certified as sustainable 

Many products on the market today claim to be natural or organic, to appeal to customers who are getting more and more savvy about environmental impacts and the ingredients they are applying to their skin. But how can we be sure that the toiletry and cosmetic products we purchase and consume really are pure and ethical? The evidence is in certifications.Look out for the certificates COSMOS Natural and COSMOS Organic. The former is placed on products adhering to relevant standards to ensure a product is of natural origin, not genetically modified and strictly monitored to ensure hygiene, biodegradability and tight limits on potential toxins. The latter goes one step further and complies with required percentages of organic ingredients.These certification bodies are also rigorously checked either by the International Organic Accreditation Service or organisations recognised by national governments.N.A.E. fans can therefore feel confident that their products go one step further – all of the brand’s face and body products are 97-99% natural, vegan and organic, earning them the prestigious seals ECOCERT® – COSMOS ORGANIC


Natural beauty

In the spirit of La Bella Vita, Italians have harnessed the power that nature provides for centuries. This knowledge of herbs, flowers, fruits and vegetables has been passed on from generation to generation to become part of Italian tradition in horticulture, gastronomy and those products that make us look gorgeous and feel wonderful!


Plant power

 Creams, lotions, gels and oils containing ingredients which derive from natural flora also hold the effective properties of these plants. Two Italian-inspired ingredients are blended into the formulas of each of the N.A.E. products – meaning we can enjoy dual benefits with reinforced efficacy. Some organic ingredients offer moisturising and hydrating properties, others are naturally soothing. What’s more, many of them smell great, with uplifting or relaxing scents. There’s no end to the power of the plant world – what’s good for the skin can all be grown in an Italian garden! It makes sense to harness all these natural qualities in products which feel good, smell divine and work in harmony with the environment.


Transparent labels

So, how can we make a conscious shift to using cosmetic products which are natural, organic, vegan and sustainable?

  1.       Check a product’s packaging – if it bears the ECOCERT® COSMOS ORGANIC certification logo, you know it has been checked rigorously to meet required standards.
  2.       Similarly, brands which strive to formulate their products with as many natural ingredients as possible, like N.A.E., state the percentage, for instance: “97% natural origin” on bottles and tubes.
  3.      Look at the actual list of ingredients – those which are organic are either listed directly as such or have an asterisk next to them which leads you to a footnote indicating these particular ingredients are organic.
  4.       Brands and products can only earn the term “vegan” if they shun any ingredients or derivatives from the animal world, which includes testing on living creatures. Products containing any ingredients derived from animals must declare this clearly. So, to be kind to the world of beautiful fauna, look out for the v-word!
  5.      Don’t forget about the packaging itself – look out for signs that your chosen brands take sustainability seriously. For instance, all N.A.E. tubes are made out of sugarcane, a 100% plant-based and renewable material. Our coloured liquid hand soap bottles are made of 100% recycled PET.


The range of skin care and body care products by N.A.E. Naturale Antica Erboristeria are perfect examples for truly pure beauty – so pamper yourself and help protect the planet.

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