A worthwhile new year’s resolution

Make a new year’s resolution to switch to organic food, cleaning methods, gardening and personal care.

New year organic revolution

It’s that time of year again – we look ahead to a new 12-month period, aim to dissolve any old negative habits and embrace new positive ones. Why not make your resolution for 2021 a planet-friendly target – if we all take steps towards a lifestyle using organic choices, nature as a whole will benefit greatly.


Grow your own

If you don’t have your own garden, make some enquiries about renting a local allotment, or share a garden with a neighbour who doesn’t have time to nurture their piece of land.

To avoid spraying or sprinkling any chemical insecticides on your plants which brings nature out of balance, use organic alternatives. For instance, mix a solution of organic liquid soap, water and chilli powder. Spray lightly on any plants which are vulnerable to attacks by aphids, greenfly or other bugs.

Grow your own produce so you can be reassured that no pesticides have been used as bug prevention on the foods you and your family will consume. Freeze what you cannot use up in the short term over the months of harvesting your produce, so you can enjoy strawberries with coconut ice cream even in winter! Similarly, you can dry some of your bounty of Italian fresh herbs and freeze them for several months, too.

 Read the label

Organic food brands should bear the clear recognisable logo to indicate they are certified as organic within the EU region.

Look at the list of ingredients as well, to confirm they have been grown or extracted using organic methods. Start with items you consume regularly ­­– like tea and coffee – an extra ethical choice would be those certified as fair trade products – and then slowly swap out any dried foods and preserves.

Gradually replace your olive oil, pasta, rice, lentils, baking ingredients and foods preserved in cans and jars with organic equivalents as you use them up. Peer over your spice rack – those items you use most for your cucina will soon be out of stock, so get to your nearest organic store and choose pure, organic powdered seasonings and dessicated anise and cloves.

If you’re not growing your own fresh prodotti biologici, then visit your local farmers market and purchase the harvest from your region.

Cleaner ways to clean

There’s no need for us to poison our planet for the sake of a fresh and clean home. Try out these tips:

  •  Descale your kettle or coffee machine using fresh lemon juice or vinegar – both are a natural weapon against limescale.

  •  Use a cloth dipped in white vinegar to bring shine to windows and mirrors.

  •  Freshen up wooden furniture with used damp teabags from your favourite organic teas.

  •  Mix a few pumps of organic liquid soap in a bucket with warm water as a solution for cleaning tiles and laminate flooring.

  •  Tackle any patches of mould in the bathroom or basement with bicarbonate of soda or by filling a spray bottle with white vinegar or even cheap vodka – spray on the affected area, leave for an hour then wipe off.

  •  Purchase ready-made detergents with natural cleansing ingredients – shun the sulphates and bleach – naturally derived tensides and organic ingredients like lavender, orange, lemon and grapefruit all help disperse grease, stains and grime.


Purely personal   

If you haven’t made the switch already, then don’t forget about all those products you apply to your skin for hygiene, freshness and hydration. Formulas blended from carefully selected organic ingredients are effective, kind to the environment – and smell marvellous, naturally!

Deodorants by N.A.E., for example, are organic, made with 99 percent natural ingredients, offer 24-hour protection and have a range of four delicious fragrances.

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