Purifying power

What’s the best way to cleanse? Which type of product is best for which skin type and how should we apply them? We reveal all for effective make-up removal and a clean complexion.

What’s the best way to purify your pores for your skin type to reveal a gorgeous fresh complexion? Get the lowdown on sustainable, soap-free cleansing methods for pure, pampered skin.

Clear choices

Gels, foams, milk, cleansers, toners … wipe off, rinse off? Get the low down on all the ways to cleanse your complexion!

If you wear make-up, sunscreen or day cream, and especially if you live or work in a busy city, it’s best to cleanse in the evening. Free your skin of unwanted impurities with gentle, natural cleansing formulas to prevent them from blocking pores or causing pimples or irritations.

Cleansing in the morning too, however, can be a perfect way to wake up our face from slumber!

As this is a frequent ritual, the products and methods you use should be kind and gentle to your skin and to the environment.

Dry or delicate skin


If you feel you have to soak your face in H2O to feel truly clean, be aware that, alas, water alone will not do the trick. To help dissolve excess sebum and clear your visage thoroughly, you need to combine it with refining ingredients, dedicated to cleansing. There’s no need to strip your skin of its precious natural oils, however. Use a complexion-respecting formula that soothes and regenerates.

Cleansing gels can be applied to wet skin and rinsed off after a gentle massage with the creamy lather that forms on contact with H2O. Rinse with cold water in the mornings to revitalise you or warm water in the evenings for comfort and relaxation.

Micellar water is a great alternative for thorough cleansing of oily and combination skin, or for make-up removal. The formula’s minute oil molecules suspended in soft water draw impurities away from the skin. There’s no need to rinse off so it’s handy for travelling, too. Dissolve make-up by applying micellar water to a sustainable – washable and reusable – cotton pad. Sweep over your skin and you’re done!

Let oily skin breath overnight to restore some natural balance. For combination skin, apply light moisturiser to drier zones, like the apples of your cheeks.

Hints for clever cleansing
  • Your face comprises around 40 muscles – and massage helps clear tension! As you apply cream, foam or gel, close your eyes and massage your temples and forehead in small circles with your fingertips. Sweep your fingers lightly from either side of your nose, up and outwards to upper cheekbones.
  • Don’t forget to cleanse your eyebrows, under your earlobes, around the curves of your nose and under your chin.
  • Try your own DIY scrub by mixing sugar with cleansing gel or gently wipe away the cleansing milk using a muslin cloth.
A kiss from a rose

The organic Rosa Damascena Water in all N.A.E. cleansing product formulas not only leaves your skin feeling comfortable and regenerated after cleansing. It also treats your senses to a delicate rose scent which is both uplifting and relaxing – a positive way to start your day, or your night!

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