Natural hair care

The secrets of Italian herbalism have reached the world of hair care! Look after your strands naturally with targeted, pampering ingredients sourced from sustainable, vegan and organic botanicals.
The beautiful magic of nature

Who doesn’t want their hair to look and feel good? We all strive for shiny strands, whether they’re poker straight, curly, wavy, short or long.

To achieve a healthy appearance and feel for our hair and scalp, we just need to look to nature and choose what’s most beneficial for our needs. These needs may change with life phases, activity, the seasons and where we’re located – but help is at hand to address each of them, and with no need for synthetic additives, like fragrance, colour or preservatives.

Pick the top of the crop of Italian herbs and organic botanicals, with hair care formulas, specially blended for each hair type, presented in sustainable packaging.

Right for your type
Keep it simple

If you are blessed with a naturally balanced scalp and strands which are neither excessively oily nor dry, then keep it simple and continue to shampoo with a mild formula daily. Why not start each day with some gentle aromatherapy by using a product containing organic lavender extract to calm the senses, like N.A.E. Semplicità Shampoo?

Harmony for the hair

There’s no escaping it – there are times and phases in life when we perspire more. A humid summer day, a stressful event, a jogging session or changes in hormone levels can all make us sweat. We might think we have it covered with personal care products for skin but cannot avoid that our scalp and the roots of our hair, too, may become oilier as a result. Brushing hair thoroughly from roots to tips can offer temporary relief but may damage the hair shaft, which over time can lead to unsightly breakage. The best remedy is therefore gentle balance in the form of a shampoo which purifies the roots without stripping the length of your strands of moisture. Treat your senses to the uplifting scents of organic sage and mint, and your greasy hair to a balancing herbal formula of an all-natural hair cleanser, like N.A.E. equilibrio purifying shampoo.

Shield for your shine

The winter can have a harsh impact on hair with dry air from hard frosts, indoor heating, plus the fact that we’re more likely to wear hats and hoods to keep warm. The result can be unruly, flyaway hair, but more seriously, our strands can split or break. Maintain the wonderful shine of healthy hair, with naturally hydrating oils and botanical ingredients.

Organic olive oil is rich in polyphenols which help repair any damage to individual hairs. This wonder oil comprises caring conditioning properties, so your strands will benefit from a protective moisture boost and your scalp will feel tenderly pampered. Italian basil is packed with antioxidants and a range of other valuable nutrients, including iron and magnesium, which, help protect the hair roots and shaft against excessive hair loss and breakage. Choose hair care dedicated to riparazione, ideally containing olive oil blended with this “queen of herbs”.

Beauty secret

For dry hair, it’s important to offer strands extra care with a conditioning mask or a leave-in conditioner – to guard your crowning glory all day. This is also a perfect on-the-go alternative to a regular, rinse out conditioner. 

Olive oil is an all-round beauty elixir, as every Italian bella knows! Apply a hair oil containing this liquid gold to the tips of your hair strands for instant shine. Or, before your next shampoo, massage a few drops of the oil from roots to tips and leave for ten minutes before you step under the shower. Now go and shine!

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