3 good reasons to switch to organic deodorant

Three good reasons why you should change your deodorant to one that is natural and organic – and a gorgeous highlight for your senses.

It’s summer, you’re active, you’re outdoors – you perspire. It’s simply a fact of life. In fact, it’s the sign of a healthy, balanced body: perspiration is how the body cleanses itself and regulates our temperature.

But consider this for a moment: how much do you really know about what you’re spraying onto the soft skin under your arms, every morning if not several times a day? Wouldn’t you like to know you’re using pure, natural ingredients that will protect and nourish your skin?

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering, maybe now’s the time to consider switching to an organic deodorant. Here are three good reasons to make the switch to organic.

1. Organic deodorants contain pure, natural ingredients that help care for your skin.

The ingredients in organic deodorants respect your health as well as the environment. Pure, natural ingredients keep odour and stickiness at bay while natural fragrance derived from blossoms and herbs keep you smelling good – and feeling even better! Without using any potentially harmful ingredients, these products are effective, kind to delicate skin, and sustainable.

The deodorants in our four product lines – Refreshing (Freschezza), Moisturizing (Idratazione), Revitalizing (Vitalità) and Fragrance Free (Delicatezza) – are certified organic, with ingredients that are from 99% natural origins. The formulas are vegan and are free of potentially harmful chemicals, preservatives, alcohol and aluminium salts.

2. A deodorant made with organic ingredients gets the job done as well as a conventional deodorant.

Organic deodorants don’t block your pores or stop you from perspiring: they contain naturally derived active ingredients. Our deodorants offer up to 24-hour odour protection, and don’t leave white marks on your clothes. In our Refreshing product line, we’ve created a deodorant containing rosemary and organic thyme leaf extracts, which provide a pleasantly fresh sensation with their invigorating scents. And in our Moisturizing line, the deodorant combines organic fig and hibiscus extracts, for a sweet, sensual fragrance and long-lasting hydration for the skin.

3. Natural deodorants contain ingredients that are good for you and offer health benefits. 

Organic deodorants contain plant-based moisturisers that treat the delicate skin of your underarms kindly. Active ingredients actually improve the condition of your skin, leaving them smooth and less prone to irritation. None of the deodorants’ formulas include aluminium salts, parabens or alcohol.

In our Fragrance-Free product line, our deodorant has been especially blended to be kind to delicate or recently shaved skin – the formula combines organic orange blossom and aloe vera extracts. In our Revitalizing product line, we’ve created a delicious blend of organic lemon and mandarin extracts which energize you and gives you a radiant feeling of freshness.

Making the switch to an organic deodorant is about more than simply changing brand. Just as with vegan cookery, it’s about making healthy, sustainable choices. And it’s about the peace of mind and comfort that comes from knowing that what you’re putting onto – or into – your body is made of pure, natural ingredients, and that they have been derived without harming the environment.

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