Winter wellbeing: the Italian way

Relax and enjoy la bella vita winter-style with rich, warming Italian food, drink, classic
Italian cinema and indulgent pampering.
Traditional Italian winter warmers

Italian food is beloved worldwide for its fresh, delicious, hearty simplicity. From homemade masterpieces to simple, delicious appetizers, Italian cuisine has many staples that are perfect for winter weeknight suppers, rainy day lunches and grazing by the fire.

  • Risotto

Here is a dish to warm your belly and your kitchen. The slow, meditative process of adding rich, warm broth to rice to get the perfect creamy, al dente consistency is an excellent way to while away a winter’s evening.

  • Cassoeula

This hearty casserole is made with cabbage and pork, traditionally eaten after the first frost of the season when locally grown cabbage is at its best.

  • Antipasto

Did we mention grazing by the fire? The perfect fireside antipasto platter needs nothing more than formaggi, smoky cured meats and some crusty bread.

  • Fresh, Italian-grown citrus

Sunny, delicious and full of vitamin-C, Sicilian blood oranges are at their peak early in the year, and clementines and mandarins are also abundant during the colder months (we recommend choosing organic). The perfect antidote to a grey day!

Feeling inspired? We suggest the perfect complement to any winter Italian food: vin brulé. Aromatic, warming and delicious: you can find this wintery treat at Christmas markets in piazzas all over Italy during the festive season. Expecting friends for a winter gathering? Make your own vin brulé for cosy winter vibes at home.

Vin Brulé

2 bottles of red wine
200 g sugar
1 organic lemon
1 organic orange
1-2 star anise
8 cloves
2 cinnamon sticks
Pinch of nutmeg


Peel the skin from the orange and lemon. Combine the fruit skin, spices, sugar in large pot. Add just enough wine to cover the sugar. Heat to boiling and stir constantly until syrupy. Add the rest of the wine and warm gently. Serve steaming hot in mugs as your guests come in from the cold!

Cinema for the soul

With your belly warmed, how about something cosy for your soul? We recommend cuddling up in front of a warm fire and taking in an Italian cinema classic. Here are just a few we recommend to warm your winter nights.

  • La Dolce Vita

Learn all about the concept of dolce vita in this Fellini classic.

  • Cinema Paradiso

One of the most popular Italian movies of all time, we love this evocative portrayal of a film director’s Sicilian childhood.

  • Life is Beautiful

Simultaneously heart-breaking and giggle-inducing, this is a life-affirming modern classic of Italian cinema.

Indulgent self-care

Another indulgent way to live la bella vita during those long winter months is to make the most of self-care. Enjoy some me time in a long bath. You’ll need candles, fluffy towels and suitably lush bodycare products. We recommend the N.A.E. Idratazione moisturizing bodycare line for nourishing winter skincare. Suds up with N.A.E. Idratazione moisturizing shower gel and surround yourself with sweet, sensual aromas. After a relaxing soak, dry off with a warm, fluffy towel.

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