Take time out for your beauty

From focused breathing to forest bathing – taking time away from life’s obligations has a positive effect on our natural beauty.
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5 beautiful ways to take time out

Despite the digital age and a plethora of modern conveniences made available to us, life seems to get increasingly packed. We feel that time is shrinking, our to-do lists are getting longer, so our stress levels can surge. If we frequently invest a portion of the clock in ourselves then demands of family life, business or personal admin are much easier to cope with. This benefits not only our wellbeing with an essential sense of calm, but also our beauty – putting our obligations to one side reduces the risk of grey hairs, worry lines or under-eye dark circles.

Sweet nothing – the Italian dolce far niente – is to enjoy the moment and not feel compelled to achieve or complete anything. There are enough chances in life to spring into action, so as perfect balance, it’s important that we sometimes press pause.

Get some rest

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Waking from a deliciously long sleep, we usually feel revived and ready for the day. Modern life, however, can keep us awake at night for longer with distractions of smartphones and streaming entertainment – try to be disciplined and get between seven and nine hours of shut-eye every night. This helps avoid dark circles and allows your complexion to renew itself over night.

Relish la risata

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Laughter is the best medicine – fact! Make sure you regularly engage with good friends, with whom you can share a giggle. Laughter is said to relax the whole body and uses an array of facial muscles, which has an anti-ageing effect. It also makes us happier – we smile more, even just remembering our fun social gatherings, and it releases endorphins, feel-good hormones.

Breathe in, breathe out

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Acknowledge the importance of peace, time and space for yourself, and tune into your inner being frequently. You can either use your own methods to reach a sense of inner harmony or follow guidance provided via audio sources or YouTube videos with soothing music. Schedule a time that suits you, that you can stick to, just like any other appointment – but this time it’s with yourself, for yourself. 

The key is to focus on your breathing – deep inhalation and exhalation – to stay in the moment. Don’t listen to your racing mind’s inner dialogue, which can pinch your features together – let go, clear your thoughts and feel the space between your eyebrows smooth out. You will feel calmer and more patient afterwards – and will appear more youthful.

Nurture with nature

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Another way to step back from life’s commitments and recharge your beauty is to spend time in pure nature. A seaside breeze or a trip to the mountains makes our eyes sparkle and our skin glow. Strolling through parks or woodland offers diverse benefits for our wellbeing, too. 

The practice of “forest bathing” has been embraced not only in Japan where it originated but across the world. Phytoncides, that refreshing woodland aroma, is reported to boost our immune system and lift our mood – possibly reminding us of our childhood, playing outdoors, smiling – how’s that for a natural beauty boost? In addition, the oxygen trees emanate infuses us with a sense of renewal both internally and for our complexion. Italia offers forests full of wise old trees in regions like Tuscany and the Dolomites.

Cleansing experience

Turn your beauty routine into a session that’s just for you. Take your time to massage cleansing cream or cleansing foam into your skin. Close your eyes and pay attention to the contours of your face, neck and décolletage. Remove cream gently with toner or rinse off gel or foam with lukewarm water. Pat dry with a fluffy towel. Notice how relaxed you feel and how amazingly fresh your skin looks! Have a look at the N.A.E. Purezza range for a variety of skin care products.  

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