Italian vegan food

by nae-en
Close-up of dinner table, vegan Bolognese on white plates, white wine in glasses, hands holding cutlery

Gather your friends and family this winter for a vegan Italian feast. The cold weather has never looked so good!

The fragrance pyramid

by nae-en
Close up aerial view of purple lavender fields in rows of lavender bushes with pathways between

From the top to the base, via the heart … the right blend of scents within the fragrance pyramid can transport our senses on a fast-track to Bella Italia.

Natural protection from plants

by nae-en
Shot of woman’s torso, hands and forearms. Wearing linen dress with pockets filled with different fresh herbs

The botanical world, both wild and harvested comprises a healthy heap of benefits for our wellbeing. Consume more organic herbs, spices and Allium foods to boost your body’s natural defences.

Buon natale!

by nae-en
Colosseum in Rome at twilight with a lit up Christmas tree in the foreground and two Cypress trees to the right of the Colosseum

Christmas in Italy is a special time and is celebrated differently in various regions. Read on to find out how to celebrate the festive season – the Italian way