Rental revolution for sustainable fashion

by nae-en

Rental fashion – a trend that’s here to stay. Discover why hiring the latest looks or occasional wear is beneficial to all in a shift towards more conscious clothing

Benefits of citrus fruits

by nae-en
View from above of white plates, one with half orange and two half lemons, one with glass of water with lemon slice

Learn what citrus fruits can do to maintain your general health, skin and hair – particularly for winter!

Shampoo and body bars: a sustainable alternative

by nae-en
Woman’s shoulder and arm in foreground, her right hand smoothing soap bar over her left arm while in a bathtub

Solid bars weigh less and take up less space than plastic bottles. Not only do they have a lower carbon footprint during production, but they’re convenient to pack into your sports bag or for when you’re on holiday – no awkward edges!