Universal Cream
Universal Cream
Universal Cream
Segreto di Bellezza

Universal Oil for Body, Hair and Face, 75ml

100% natural origin

Segreto Di Belezza is crafted with organic olive oil. Multi-purpose oil for hair, body & face – nourishes, repairs* and beautifies. This beauty oil with its gentle, skin-caressing texture, can be used on any dry areas and leaves a satin finish. 

* the superficial layers of the epidermis

  • Nourishes, repairs* & beautifies

* the superficial layers of the epidermis

  • Delicate oil with a silky and velvety texture
  • Use sparingly on the tips of the hair. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep away from heat, moisture and light
  • Certified organic, 100% natural origins, VEGAN formula, no parabens



*** Ingredients from organic farming


Organic Olive Oil
rich in rich in vitamins, minerals and fatty acids, olive oil is the oldest Italian beauty secret. Real treasure for the skin, it nourishes, softens, tones and revitalizes. Olive oil is also perfect for strengthening and bringing back shine to the hair.


“My mamma always says: olive oil is not only good on pasta…”
In Italy, beauty treatments are passed down from "mamma" to daughter for generations. Among them olive oil has remained the main beauty secret of Italian women.

Inspired by this tradition, our universal oil nourishes, repairs* & beautifies your hair, body and skin. This multi-purpose oil contains all the beauty power of organic olive.

And the best about it? It comes with limitless options to use, in both summers and winters! Apply it on the tips of your hair overexposed to the sun for example. Or use it to regenerate your skin overnight or even to protect dry areas of your body from the cold.

TIP: This all-in-one-product makes a great travel companion, as it can be used on your skin, body or hair!

N.A.E. universal care

Discover our Segreto di Bellezza range: universal oil & universal cream



We love to read your positive reviews about our solids! 
Our solid bars are free from silicones, parabens & artificial colorants, have a water-reduced formula and consume only 1/20th of the energy needed for packaging production compared to a plastic bottle. ♻️ 💚
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Nous adorons lire vos retours positifs sur nos produits solides ! Nos solides sont sans silicone, sans parabène et sans colorant artificiel, ont une formule à teneur réduite en eau et ne consomment qu'un vingtième de l'énergie nécessaire à la production d'emballages par rapport à une bouteille en plastique. ♻️ 💚 Et vous ? Etes-vous un utilisateur de cosmétiques solides ? 🤩
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Some may call it organic – we call it Italian herbal tradition! 🌿
We celebrate the traditional Italian beauty recipes by Mamma. Share your secret herbal hacks delivered by Mamma under this post. 💬 🍃 
Certains peuvent l'appeler biologique - nous l'appelons tradition italienne d’herboristerie ! 🌿 Nous honorons les recettes de beauté traditionnelles italiennes de Mamma. Partagez vos recettes secrètes à base de plantes livrées par Mamma sous ce post. 💬 🍃
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Six reasons why our sustainable Riparazione Repairing Shampoo Bar for dry hair is a must have for you! 
The best about it: 
1 bar ≈ 2 liquid shampoos of 250ml ≈ until 50 washes 🚿
Six raisons pour lesquelles notre Shampooing Solide Réparation  pour cheveux secs est un incontournable  pour vous ! Ce qu’il a de mieux : 1 solide ≈ 2 shampooings liquides de 250ml ≈ jusqu'à 50 lavages 🚿 
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Even in winter, the sun can have an impact on your skin, such as redness, dark spots or fine wrinkles. Here are three Skin Care Tips for you! ☀️☀️☀️ 
Tip #1: Protect 
Tip #2: Cleanse 
Tip #3: Moisturize
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Même en hiver, le soleil peut avoir un impact sur votre peau, comme des rougeurs, des taches brunes ou de fines rides. Voici trois conseils pour vous ☀️☀️☀️ 
Conseil n°1 : Protéger Conseil n°2 : Nettoyer Conseil n°3 : Hydrater Appuyez sur le bouton "Enregistrer" pour ne pas oublier ces trois conseils simples.
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Italy is the home of ‚la bella vita‘. But what does that mean? 💚
L'Italie est le pays de la "bella vita". Mais qu'est-ce que cela signifie ? 💚 

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Who else misses the warm summer nights together with la familia? 🥰 At N.A.E., we are living la bella vita throughout the year. 💖
À qui d'autre manquent les chaudes nuits d'été avec la familia ? 🥰 Chez N.A.E., nous vivons la bella vita toute l'année. 💖
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Make a switch today and leave your old single usage cleansing pads behind. Our washable & reusable cleansing pads made of 100% organic are gentle to your face and the environment! 🌿 
Faites un changement aujourd'hui et laissez vos vieux cotons nettoyants à usage unique derrière vous. Nos Disques Démaquillants Lavables & Réutilisables,100 % coton biologique naturel, sont doux pour votre visage et pour l'environnement ! 🌿 

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N.A.E. is the celebration of la bella vita and traditional Italian beauty recipes by Mamma. 🌿 Drawing inspiration from herbalism know-how, our pampering formulas are crafted with special blends of organic ingredients – the Italian way. 🍃 

N.A.E. est la célébration de la « bella vita » et des recettes de beauté traditionnelles italiennes de Mamma. 🌿 Puisant son inspiration dans le savoir-faire de l'herboristerie, nos soins sont élaborés avec des recettes uniques composées d’ingrédients biologiques.🍃 

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