The Italian way.

Our face care lines rely on the beauty secrets of nature and Italian herbalism tradition to preserve the beauty of your skin. Each formula is crafted with unique blends of organic ingredients and contain minimum 98% natural origin.


Nature is an excellent ally to reveal the youth of your skin. By integrating our organic anti-age cares in your daily beauty routine, you can gently stimulate the natural ability of the skin to renew itself and to maintain its elasticity and smoothness.


Moisturization is an essential part of a daily beauty routine to get a healthy and beautiful skin. Organic moisturizing cares will be your ally to gently protect and nourish your skin, while revealing its natural beauty.


Gently cleanse your skin with our organic cleansers enriched with all the delicacy of organic rosa damascena water. Feel the fresh, elegant and velvety aroma of this rose blossom constellation.

Vegan alternatives to dairy and meat

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Outdoor dinner party scene, woman bringing tray of red-coloured juice drinks, people around food-laden table laughing

A vegan diet can be varied, filling and nutritious – we share inspiration on delicious dairy alternatives and meat substitutes, plus a delicious mushroom pasta recipe!

Sustainable clothes

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Woman with long dark hair wearing white dress overlooking a city river by leaning over a stone wall, buildings in background

It’s a new season – time to update your wardrobe, but this year let your heart choose sustainable fabrics and earth-kind clothing.


This universal cream contains all the beauty power of organic olive oil to bring softness, long-lasting hydration and protection to the skin and the tips of the hair.
Suitable for the whole family (from the age of 3).

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